Special moments await you here

Why look further when everything you desire is right before your eyes? Many guests have chosen to mark significant milestones with us, creating long-lasting memories of their most cherished moments. Opt for our exclusive venue with a panoramic view to commemorate your special occasions and ensure an unforgettable experience. We excel in the art of curating events and celebrations. Whether it's weddings or other noteworthy occasions, we possess the expertise to choose the perfect evening, time, and attend to those crucial details. Meticulous arrangements, discreet and attentive service, coupled with the renowned cuisine of our restaurant, collectively contribute to crafting indelible moments – memories to be treasured.
With the moonlight and the mesmerizing blue vistas stretching beyond Sant'Anna's rocks, this space is where dreams effortlessly come true.

To request more information, send us an email at gardeniamare@gmail.com or contact us at +39081991107

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